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Joe Honton

February 2021

Programmer Productivity

Photo by Haste LeArt V. from Pexels
  • Both the author’s words and the typographer’s instructions are contained in a single plain text file.
  • Instructions are encoded using short, easily remembered mnemonics.
  • Mnemonics are wrapped into pairs of less-than/greater-than tags which are easily parsed by software.
  • Tagged words are nested inside tagged paragraphs.
  • Paragraphs are assembled into sections, and sections into the whole.
  • The whole document is structured in a hierarchical way that just makes sense.

Accuracy · Usability · Safety · Compliance

Only the best are crowned with “excellence”


The classic, brilliant PNPOLY algorithm that dates back to 1970

Snapshot of, demonstrating the use of mouse hover to identify countries

PNPOLY algorithm

Op-Ed Column

Choosing the right approach to personal data versus big data

“Churning” © Joe Honton

Web Development

Correctly configuring CORS for content-type: application/json


Basic CORS rules

  • CORS is only used when a web…

DOM Components

How to use the browser’s Intersection Observer for a positive user experience

Time zones of the world

Web Development

* And every place that doesn’t

Standard time zones

DOM Components

The JavaScript community has a semantics problem

Joe Honton

Using distraction-free tools for better reading, writing and publishing, and loving it!

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