Tangled Web Services daily 9:45 scrum

Tangled Web Services

“Boldly going where tech has gone before.”

Joe Honton
2 min readDec 28, 2019


Episode 1: We meet our heroes as they begin their journey to the Next Web.

Rock City’s quirky downtown is home to many of Tangle’s most beloved brick-and-mortar businesses. Along the main thoroughfare a casual stroller will encounter the Rock City Vinyl record store, the Rock Paper Scissors art supply store, the Rocket Science after-school tutoring program, and the Rock ‘n Roll sushi bar.

All of these have something in common beyond their punny names. All of them are clients of Tangled Web Services.

TWS is the local purveyor of all things Internet. It has its roots back in the Web 2.0 heyday, before social networking became a “thing”. Back then, forward-looking business owners knew that the Yellow Pages would soon be an anachronism. TWS gave those business a Web presence.

For a while TWS thrived by churning out CMS-based solutions with customized CSS. The businesses were pleased because they no longer needed to waste time answering, “when are you open?” and “where are you located?” type of questions. But that thrill quickly wore off when clients failed to see much real difference at the cash register. And TWS eventually began to feel the pinch.