Tangled Web Services Level 3 Tech Support Staff

The GZIP Penalty

Sometimes compression is a bad idea

The encoding protocol

Configuring the server

content-encoding {
text/css gzip
text/html gzip
text/plain gzip
application/javascript gzip
application/json gzip
application/pdf none
application/xhtml+xml gzip
application/xml gzip
application/gzip none
image/gif none
image/jpeg none
image/png none
image/svg+xml gzip
image/webp none
image/x-icon none
audio/mpeg none
video/mp4 none
audio/webm none
video/webm none
font/otf gzip
font/ttf gzip
font/woff2 none

The test harness

Test suite and results

What just happened

The surprise factor

20 Minutes Later

Using distraction-free tools for better reading, writing and publishing, and loving it!