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Programmer Productivity

Photo by Haste LeArt V. from Pexels
  • Instructions are encoded using short, easily remembered mnemonics.
  • Mnemonics are wrapped into pairs of less-than/greater-than tags which are easily…

Accuracy · Usability · Safety · Compliance

Only the best are crowned with “excellence”


The classic, brilliant PNPOLY algorithm that dates back to 1970

Snapshot of, demonstrating the use of mouse hover to identify countries

Op-Ed Column

Choosing the right approach to personal data versus big data

“Churning” © Joe Honton

Web Development

Correctly configuring CORS for content-type: application/json


Time zones of the world

Web Development

* And every place that doesn’t

Joe Honton

Using distraction-free tools for better reading, writing and publishing, and loving it!

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